Society Information

International Society for Neuroimmunology

The first International Congress of Neuroimmunology was held in Stresa, Italy in 1982 and was organised by Drs. Peter O. Behan and Federico Spreafico. The proceedings were published in 1984 (Neuroimmunology, Behan and Spreafico, Raven, Press). The second International Congress of Neuroimmunology was held in Philadelphia, PA in 1987 and was organised by C.S. Raine and Dale McFarlin and the proceedings were published in 1988 (Advances in Neuroimmunology, Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci. Vol. 540). It was at this meeting in Philadelphia in 1987 that it was decided to start an international society (the International Society of Neuroimmunology) and an election was held for a panel of officers. Cedric S. Raine was elected President, John Newsom-Davis, Vice President, Robert Lisak, Treasurer and Kenneth Johnson, Secretary together with an international Advisory Board. The Society was incorporated in 1988. Subsequent meetings were in Jerusalem 1991 (Organiser, Oded Abramsky and Haim Ovadia), Amsterdam 1994 (Kees Lucas), Montreal 1998 (Jack Antel and Trevor Owens) and Edinburgh 2001 (John Greenwood, Sandra Amor, David Baker, John Fazakerley and Angela Vincent).

Dale McFarlin died unexpectedly in 1992 and the Dale McFarlin Lecture has been a special focus of the ISNI meetings since then. Henry McFarland gave the first Dale lecture in 1994 (Amsterdam), Martin Raff the second in Montreal (1998) and the third by John Newsom-Davis in Edinburgh (2001). The first ISNI Lecture was given by Cedric S. Raine in Edinburgh (2001) at the VIth ISNI Congress.

The by-laws were first drafted in 1988 and were then updated and ratified by the General Meeting in Edinburgh in 2001. The by-laws will be sent to all new members of the Society.

The principal office of the Society is in New York, but the executive office is currently supervised by Angela Vincent (President, Oxford) who coordinates activities with Jack Antel (Vice President, Montreal), Trevor Owens (Treasurer, Montreal) and Kees Lucas (Secretary, Paris).